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John winced as he came to, putting a hand to his face and back to the lump on the back of his head. Last thing he remembered he was on the trail of a gang of vandals and had stopped to check the tracks when something happened. He couldn't rightly say what, it was like nothing he'd ever seen before. Some sort of bright flash and then he was yanked right off his feet, falling into a hole that appeared out of nowhere. He must have hit the wall behind him when he fell, more like thrown against it.

Sitting up, confused, he blinks at the sight around him and stares. He was in a building, though how he came to be here, he couldn't say. It was a small room, the walls white and bare. But what struck him was the fact he was sitting on the floor surrounded by three or four people all laying down as if an explosion had gone off. None of them were moving.

On the table nearby, on it's side, was some piece of machinery. It sparked and sputtered a few times before laying still. John got up as quickly as he could, rubbing his aching back as he tried to reach for the nearest person and turn them over. They were still breathing, thank goodness. It was a lady but the clothing was strange. More city folk type of clothes, not the homespun prairie dress. There was a triangle with a number pinned to her shirt that was on an angle. He picked it up to look at, puzzled. The others seemed to have the same thing only different numbers.

There didn't seem to be any exit that he could see in this place. No doors or windows. But as he backed up against the wall, something slid aside and John found himself in a hallway. How on earth did he get here??


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